Les Amis du Korsa (LAMKO) is a French non-profit association created in 2015 to support medical, educational, agricultural and cultural projects in Senegal. It welcomes donations which are deductible up to 66% from French income tax.

The association is a French partner of the of Le Korsa, founded a decade earlier to back a French charity working in needy regions of Senegal. After this charity ceased activities, Le Korsa took over its ongoing projects and launched fresh initiatives.

LAMKO was born of the close ties – historical, linguistic and cultural – that link France and Senegal. French interest and experience in Senegal made it logical to invite French citizens and residents to participate in our activities.

LAMKO’s immediate objective is to provide financial support for Le Korsa’s current and future projects. As the French association builds up its resources, it plans to develop specific projects of its own in coordination with Le Korsa (“Korsa” means “Love Born of Respect” in Pular, one of Senegal’s many languages).

To date, Le Korsa has concentrated its work in the arid Pular-speaking department of Tambacounda in south-eastern Senegal. The extreme poverty and unemployment in this region force many young men to try to migrate to Europe, risking their lives as they travel through Mali, Niger and Libya and eventually via smugglers’ boats to Italy.

In the town of Tambacounda, Le Korsa provides assistance to a local hospital and a foyer which houses students from villages attending secondary school. Some receive Le Korsa scholarships for higher education. In the village of Sinthian, it supports a medical center, a kindergarten and an elementary school and it recently built a cultural center which serves as a residence for foreign and Senegalese artists and an arena for local cultural events. In the nearby village of Fass, Le Korsa supports a medical center and has plans to build an elementary school.

In addition, in Dakar, Senegal’s capital, Le Korsa provides help to a major hospital, a women’s center and a mother-child health project in the poor neighborhood of Derklé. It also supports a school in the town of Thiès, 30 miles east of Dakar.

The founders of LAMKO have visited these projects and fully endorse Le Korsa’s strategy of working with local leaders – teachers, doctors, artists and sportsmen – to address specific needs.

Nicholas Fox Weber, the Executive Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, is president of both Le Korsa and LAMKO. Run by volunteers, the French association has no overhead costs. Le Korsa’s administrative costs do not exceed 2% of donations.

We haven’t been able to translate the whole site into English, but we’re always happy to answer your questions or provide you with links or printed material, so don’t hesitate to be in touch with us in English : lamko@aflk.org

You can also further information about our American partner organisation here, Le Korsa: http://www.aflk.org/

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